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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Since I don't have to do my work during the extremely hot weather in Cyberjaya, so I have decided to update my blog!
I have abandoned my blog for such a long time =X
feeling guilty><  

Aiks, really miss the moments in Cameron with my cousin and friend.
although I being the light bulb all the time I miss the weather the most XD

We arrived Cameron around 10 something, so the 1st place we went was Lavender farm!
We didn't actually plan to go there in the first place, we happened to pass by...so we just dropped by and have a look!

Seeing lavender for the very first time!

Quite disappointing, not many lavender in the farm although it is named lavender farm. Hopefully can go to those country and see the real lavender farm that is full of lavender!
Close up of lavender!

There are some angel figurines around the lavender farm. Some of them are quite cute XD. I like the angel with ukulele the most XD. 

Furthermore, they also sell ice creams. So my cousin bought yam ice cream and I bought lavender ice cream!

More milky taste, little lavender taste.
RM 5.50 per stick.Quite expensive.
Taste : 
Price : 

The overall the environment is quite beautiful. There are other different flowers besides lavender.
Little house~
There is a place that u can write your name and message on a padlock and lock it there as a memory.

Thinking about Cameron, the first things came into my mind is STRAWBERRY! although it is sour ><

Quite cheap! 3 Big packet for RM 10, how to find prices like this in KL or cyber T_T

Entrance Fee : RM5 adult

After Lavender farm, we went to BOH TEA CENTER!

GREENNNNN environment! Really beautiful!
I feel like type ctrl A + ctrl C + ctrl V the whole environment to cyber ><; 
ok...too much computer stuff here

 These are some random pictures that I took in Boh tea center.
lovely couple~

sweet couple~
forgotten to take my own panorama ><

After Boh Tea Farm, we went to the highest place in Cameron! **Forgot the name**
Cameron have mist but cyber have haze...haih

The sweet couple again~

and Me~

My cousin and I~

After the "misty place"~ we went to mossy forest.

Different types of moss. 

Actually the specialty of this forest is that it is located between Pahang and Perak!

The second day! we go to a place so call "blueberry farm"
but doesn't have any blueberry at all @@

some flower in the farm!

Quite a beautiful cafe~

After that, we went to a beautiful "France hotel"
Some random pictures in the hotel.

And Lastly, market!
Buy some strawberries, corns and tomatoes!
Cameron's corns are extremely sweet! I will miss it.

Some special carrot.

On the way back, we passed by a waterfall. so, we just drop by and relax our mind~

the sweet couple~

and me~

Lastly, there are lots of bridal couple came to Cameron to take their wedding picture ><
Maybe you can plan to take your wedding pictures in Cameron too? @@

Hopefully can go to Cameron and have fun again! XD


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Every texture have a story behind~
A quite meaningful sentences given by a colleague. 
It also let me started to think differently and also a very meaningful concept to apply in texturing when u do 3D modeling.

3D modelling...I still have too much things to learn T______T

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Just realize that I didn't upload my blog for a long time~ ><

24th February is my first day of internship! XD and also one of my friend's birthday that worked same company with me XD hahaha but I need to keep it secret because he is a low profile person :D

Working and studying really different :(
Studying you can sleep in class...Chatting in class...Play in class...but you can't do these during working...you needs to concentrate on your work... T___T

Miss study :(
Plus my leader is sitting beside me...so, it will have more stress T^T

At least I learn something new today :D although it happen lots of bad things on the first day of my work.

Things that I learned today = how to unwarp nicely and thinking how to texture it nicely without sawing the edge XD

Hope tmr will be a great day! :D

great song to motivate XD hahahaha

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random cat

Draw some random fat cat while I am not in the mood to do my homework...

ta daa
Random cat : Meow~ (means hi)

**Really an extremely random post =3=** 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Dragon nest

Sooooooooo long I didn't update my blog...I think now my blog is full of spider wax. ><
Today is 11.11.2013, remind me of back 2 years 11.11.11, lots of people getting marry of that day. 

**Extremely Random**

Recently I have to play back Dragon nest because of my LECTURER! He insist and want us to choose a MMORPG game. So I choose Dragon nest because Maple, Ragnarok, Ragnarok 2 had been choose by other student and LUNA have been close down. @@

Because of this assignment, I bring my character around Dragon nest. I am old I had forgotten all the key and I need to randomly press to remember back those keys.

Some random back picture of the character @@

I still try out the new character!! KALI! this character is something like dancer...with lots of feather...quite nice...


Need some more ideas on how to write my report T^T so, I play just to do report~ reason!! XDXD
 Need to continue my assignment T^T chao~

Monday, July 8, 2013

How to get cancer?

Today, when I heard my friends saying that he might have a cancer dude to his headache for few weeks. Then I was thinking, is there anyone volunteer to have cancer? so I search in Google, how to get cancer?
surprisingly. it really have result!!!

and there are few websites that states very detail how to get cancer easier.
Basically those website encourage people to smoke more, eat more "rubbish food", gets a job with full of chemical and so on.

SO, there is people who wanted to get cancer? o.O
okayyyyyyyy~no comment...

Back to my life. Everything is extremely not smooth for me in this year.
Firstly, camera flash problem again =.="
Secondly, school account payment having problem.
Third, phone and money lost because being kind STUPID lending phone to strangers.
 Forth, just realize my hard disk  had missing while I wanted to apply a part time job. My port folio had all missing. 
Fifth, computer having problem with keep lagging.
Six, been understood by a friend to the things i didn't do it all all =.=" and being hated for no reason. 

I just hope my following month and days will be a better day! :D

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wesak Day 2013~

Happy Wesak day!~

What is wesak?
Wesak, also spelt Vesak, is a day celebrated by Buddhists around the world. The termVesak came from the name of a month in the Indian calendar. This is one of the most important festivals in the Buddhist calendar as it commemorates three significant events in Gautama Buddha’s life namely his birthday, enlightenment and his passing away. 
I think most of the chinese celebrating Wesak Day...
If you guys didn't celebrate Wesak Day in Melaka...Can have a try :D

The first place I go,
Siang Ling~
Here are some picture in Siang Ling~

Bathing the Buddha... 

Some unique drink( i don't even know what's the name although i drink it for years =X) 
it is tasteless when you drink it, after that you can feel the sweetness on your throat!! sound miracle right? XD

This picture is call us to appreciate every FOOD in your life~

So many people waiting for the food~

You guys can try the food there...Taste quite nice and lots of variety~ 

The second place is Seck Kia Eenh Temple~
This year they used purple and pink for the decoration...

the Monk help us the tight the "string" and bless us~

 Here some decoration for the procession during Wesak Day Eve...

The main door of  Seck Kia Eenh temple~

A huge tree that grow a unique flower(forgotten what is the flower name =X) 
And 7 angels stay around the tree (this is what I heard from a unknown man ><)
This happen on last year, while my friend and I was praying, suddenly a man come and teach us how to pray and told us some story about this temple~
It was kinda interesting~ :)

So, hope you guys enjoy and have a nice day~ :) 
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